Espresso Blend Coffee

We fix a lot of espresso machines.
This means we go through a lot of coffee beans. Sometimes because we are testing a machine, but mainly because we like to drink good espresso while we work. That being said,..

We are putting together our own espresso blend of coffee, and it is finally here!

We decided on the name Benchmark because we think it is a fun twist on the work we do as well as an identifiable “standard” that we know and love.

Benchmark Espresso

With the help of local coffee roasters, this blend will strive to be smooth all the way through with a roasted chocolate base and accented with slightly rustic fruit notes.

Designed to be consumed as a double ( 2oz ) shot, this blend is bold enough to stand up to a little steamed milk. Roasted in the Full City to Full City+ range.

Mula Terca Coffee Roasters

Currently, our friends over at Mula Terca are roasting the beans. They are a small-scale Artisan roaster that can digitally profile the roast for us each time. We don’t really get that far into it, but they are super fun to work with and have access to a good selection of single-origin beans. Most importantly we know they roast some good stuff.

You can check them out over at

So how do you get some?

Every customer gets a free bag when their machine is repaired. Please don’t break your machine just to get some. Just contact us and we will work something out.