Frequently Asked Questions

Which espresso machine models do you work on?
Mostly all of them. We have been servicing commercial cafe machines for over 15 years and with the advancing quality of home espresso machines we have started to service many of them as well. The most common brands we service are listed on the home page, but if you’ve got a machine that isn’t on that list (and isn’t on our “brands we don’t work on” list below), drop us a line and we’ll let you know how we can help.

Which models and brands do you not work on?
– Jura. The manufacturer does not provide parts or support to independent service centers. Your only option is to contact Jura directly for service.

– Breville, unfortunately. Although we’d like to service this line at some point, we just haven’t got into them yet.

– The Saeco Odea and Talea series and the nearly identical Gaggia Platinum series. We find them to be extremely fragile machines with a short life expectancy due to insurmountable design flaws. In our long history servicing these machines, we’ve found it’s just best to replace them with a more reliable model rather than to spend the money to repair them.

– Krups, Kitchenaid, Mr. Coffee, Melitta, Espressione, Capresso, Cuisinart and Bene, to name but a few. These small, semi-automatic machines usually sell for $75-200 new, so it’s difficult to make a repair cost-effective compared to the cost of replacing the machine. These brands are also difficult, if not impossible, to find parts for, so repair is often not even an option.

Can I talk directly to a technician?
YES, absolutely. We’re a small shop. We’ve always got time to talk tech with our customers. Let us know the best time to call you.

How long does it take to repair my home espresso machine?
This varies widely depending on what exactly your machine needs are, parts availability and shipping options. Average repair time is approx 1 week and 2 weeks if parts need to be ordered.

How much does it cost to repair my machine?
Costs vary widely depending on the the make and model of the machine as well as it’s age and condition. Repair costs for most home super-automatic machines range from $135 – $350. We are always happy to provide a free assessment and quote for repair once we’ve taken a good look at your machine.

Is my machine even worth repairing?
Usually, yes. It’s rare for the repair estimate to come even close to the cost of replacing the machine with a comparable model. Most machines that we see just need a good professional overhaul, and then they’re ready to provide many more years of service. The exception is entry-level models that cost $50-150 new; these machines often only last a few years and the cost to replace any parts on them is usually close to, if not more than the replacement cost.

What if my machine isn’t worth repairing?
We’ll never recommend a repair on a machine that we don’t think has plenty of life left in it, and occasionally a repair exceeds the replacement cost of the machine and it makes more sense to just buy a new one. In those cases we can give your machine back to you or recycle it, and you won’t owe us anything.

Do you offer free estimates?
Yes we do. We can usually ballpark a repair cost just from hearing what’s wrong with the machine, and once we get it on the bench and inspected we’ll have an exact quote for you to consider. It’s rare for a repair to exceed this quoted cost.

I live in St. Louis, do I need to filter my water?
We think St. Louis metro area has pretty good tasting water.  Why? Because it has minerals in it that provide good flavor. It also has other stuff in it like Chlorine. Click Here for a longer article about espresso machine water and St. Louis water.

What home machine should I buy?
This is somewhat of a difficult question to answer. A lot depends on your consumption level, but most importantly, how does it look on your counter? Have a look at our lead technicians post on various home espresso machines.