LatteLou FAQ

What’s the process and long does it take to get my images?

Image Generation

Each image takes around 20 seconds to generate so with 250 images, total image generation time is about an hour and a half.

~ 1.5 hours


One of our staff members takes a quick review of your images to make sure they are good to go for your creative latte drinking and viewing pleasure.
The reviewing process is done during regular business hours.

Review Time:
~ 5 min

Actual Review Time: Variable depending on image generation time and if the company espresso machine is on.


After we review to make sure the images were generated ok, you will receive an email from LatteLou with a link that you can click to download your compressed file (.zip) securely from Google Drive.

Download Availability:
1 month

After 1 month, your files are archived. Please contact us if you need to retrieve them past the download expiration date.

I really like an image that I received, but I would like to make some changes. How can I get an image I like customized?

No problem. You can contact real human designers, illustrators and logo makers from third-party resources like Fiverr. Show them the design and tell them what you are trying to accomplish.

LatteLou rocks! Can he create marketing concepts for other types of companies?

Yes. When you checkout there is place to describe your company further and each time, even if you put in the exact same information, entirely new concept images will be generated.

I thought you guys just repair espresso machines?

LatteLou is a fun side project for us – we’re all about combining art and technology to bring something new and exciting to the coffee world. While our primary focus is on keeping espresso machines running smoothly, we couldn’t help but create something special on the side.